LGBTQ+ #SweekPride Writing Contest

Sweek, a free mobile platform for readers and writers, launches #SweekPride writing campaign to celebrate diversity. Its main aim is to popularise the literature written by the LGBTQ+ community and flood the Internet with their stories.

All genres are accepted as long as the main characters represent the LGBTQ+ community and the entry doesn’t exceed 5,000 words.

– The best story per language will receive a cash prize of $75,

– Shortlist of 10 best stories will get featured on Sweek,

– Top 20 most liked stories per language will get a special badge

Submissions open: 12th of June – 15th of August @23:59 CET

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Why in June?

  • June is known as Pride Month. To celebrate it, we are launching #SweekPride on Sweek to raise awareness and expand understanding of LGBTQ+. This month people around the world honor the Stonewall riots that took place in June 1969 in NYC (this event is considered to be the milestone for the Gay Liberation Movement in the US).

What is the Sweek’s goal and mission behind this contest?

  • Sweek organizes #SweekPride writing contest to recognize the impact of LGBTQ+ community members on culture as well as promote love and respect towards every individual who identifies as LGBTQ+.

Why does Sweek want to promote LGBTQ+ literature?

  • We believe that literature written by the LGBTQ+ members is still underestimated and often marginalized in the bookstores. Help us to change that and embrace diversity as #WeNeedDiverseBooks!

LGBTQ+ #SweekPride Writing Contest

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