Fuck Censorship: How The Government Quietly Infringed Upon Your Freedom of Expression This Year

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It’s no secret that The Trump Administration has been busy ruining Democracy and setting America back decades. Trump’s Administration has been the most corrupt Administration in American History and Americans have yet to uprise and demand he be ousted. Most of our vocality comes from Social Media, where we voice our opinions and concerns on a grand scale. Social Media has proven to be a stalwart platform where people can come together and exchange ideas that ultimately lead to certain and mostly successful outcomes.

But in 2018, The Government decided enough was enough. The U.S. Senate passed a bogus “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865),” a bill that silences online speech by forcing Internet platforms to censor their users. Passing 97-2, The Act arguably violated Freedom of Speech. The first casualty was Craigslist: Forcing the mostly helpful online site eliminate its Personal Ads under the guise of “helping victims.” Simultaneously, Facebook doubled down on what actually equated bullying and victimization and what didn’t by alerting its user that they may be violating law and/or rules and giving them a chance to take it down. By the end of 2018, Facebook was just downright taking posts down.


Twitter followed suit aggressively and to the point: They began to pick and choose what was deemed appropriate and inappropriate by simply censoring anything and everything. If you had an LGBTQ Twitter account, automatically you were censored. Your followers were then told they can uncensor by turning off their censor mode. But the censorship became hawkish even after you turned them off; Twitter would assume what was appropriate and inappropriate by pushing down certain comments, alerting the reader it was basically a bad comment and often times just eliminating the tweet to begin with. Most of the time, the tweet was either very opinionated or had foul language and was deemed unsuitable for audiences.

In December, it came full circle when popular site TUMBLR decided to remove pornography from its site. TUMBLR was a popular destination for people who needed a voice and were often silenced. It was a safe haven to explore and express sexuality. That all came crashing down when users were alerted that this was happening. Users banned to together to express their disdain and frustration by deleting their TUMBLR accounts in solidarity against blatant censorship. TUMBLR’s excuse was that it wanted to protect victims of sexual abuse but it was apparent that these Titan media companies weren’t exactly to blame. At this point, even Google began censoring after Trump called them out. Youtube has been doing it for two years now.


The Government had a blade against its neck, making examples out of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey by witch hunting them and accusing them of things that The Government was currently doing. The President had been having all out wars with car companies, Amazon and other mogul sites and his tyrannical government was following suit. The Republicans have been banding together for two years to pass nonsensical Laws, Acts and Bills disguised as measures to “Serve And Protect.”

It’s no wonder why The Stock Market has been steadily crashing in an alarming rate all of 2018. While Trump Supporters tried to make a point by making a Go Fund Me to build a meaningless WALL (garnering a whopping 14 million plus mainly from extremist right wing), American Economy has been stumbling and Censorship is at an all time high much like China’s seize over Hong Kong in recent years.

And if you think your Freedom of Speech has been infringed upon by our government, take a look at the internet taxes implemented in your cities and states. Its apparent there is a radical negative shift in America whom many have compared with Hitler’s Germany. White Supremacy is now at a National level and all signs point towards Trump and his ever shifting Administration. This has affected our Freedom of Speech not only online but in real life. Sports players reprimanded for kneeling, being called “sons of bitches” by The President, outspoken women being called out by extremists, even demanding Women’s right to vote be taken away, and companies putting up signs on how people should dress, act and speak.



I recently went to a Marcus Theater in Ohio to see a movie with friends and immediately I saw a sign that asked its patrons to refrain from doing a list of things. While some of the things on the list seemed common sense, it felt intrusive and insensitive and proved that we are heading into a dystopia. While Americans have been vocal online, its apparent because of the rapid censorship, that Americans need to take it to the streets and demand their Freedom of Speech not be infringed upon. Americans seem to be hesitant these days in a trance like state, as to not ruffle feathers or make a mark. But in other countries, some people are willing to sacrifice all for their freedom and the freedom of the next generation.

Have Americans become complacent, simply adjusting to these changes and becoming lambs to the slaughter? Will 2019 affect us in such a way where we are totally silenced by this ruthless dictator? What are we going to do? Fuck Censorship or will it Fuck US, The People?

By: Xavii Matisse


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